Doing a Thankless Job

When I meet with prospective clients about our managed services offering, many times it is met with resistance because it is perceived as a threat to their jobs. I always find this initial response interesting because the partnership that is created between ClearPointe and the client actually has the opposite effect. It is taking the mundane and repeatable processes out of your IT department and giving you the opportunity to focus on more strategic and business driven goals.

A managed services provider should enhance your IT department by removing the daily maintenance that so often bogs down an IT team. A managed services provider is responsible for keeping those necessary systems running and there are actual financial penalties for sub-par performance. This not only reduces risk it removes those thankless tasks such as watching the event viewer, managing backups and patching servers.

Since 2000, ClearPointe has offered managed services for traditional datacenter environments. Today, as datacenters are steadily moving to the cloud, we continue to manage servers, applications and connectivity in both public and private clouds, hybrid clouds and the traditional on-premises datacenter. We also manage the backups for those servers as well as Microsoft Windows updates. Our biggest value comes from giving organizations the freedom to advance their IT agendas because they know we are taking care of the daily duties and keeping everything running smoothly.

ClearPointe’s goal is always to create a true partnership – one where we work together to understand the direction of the organization’s IT path and then work together to get you there. Our SOC 2 compliance and other rigorous controls give clients confidence in the maturity of our Network Operations Center (NOC). The ClearPointe NOC is U.S. based and operates 24x7x365.  This gives us the ability to not only detect potential issues in real-time, but to also resolve those issues from detection to remediation without escalating or subcontracting outside our company.

At our 2017 Cloud Clarity Conference, a CIO and ClearPointe client said, “no one ever tells us ‘email worked great today – thank you.’” This story received lots of laughs and many head shakes because it’s true. In today’s world, IT is expected to work and there is zero tolerance for mishaps. ClearPointe recognizes the pressure this puts on an organization’s IT departments and works to alleviate this strain.

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