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Every journey is different and unique. Regardless of the path you are on, ClearPointe can help design your digital transformation.

Building solutions to drive your business.

Today’s businesses have the added complexities of managing connectivity, storage capacities, workload performance and many other business critical functions that all rely on a solid IT foundation. Our architects have the expertise and passion to design the best and most efficient IT solutions for you and your business. We approach each of our clients by listening to their organization’s needs and learning their short and long terms goals – we believe this is essential for creating true end-to-end IT solutions and delivering our clients clarity through technology.

Design services may include:

  • Assessment of current environment
  • Determination of system, compliance and budget requirements
  • Identification of key business metrics and considerations for existing investments, business processes, emerging technologies, trends and growth strategies
  • Presentation of a detailed report including vendor-neutral recommendations and proposed solution designs including configurations, processes required, and implications for existing resources
  • Migration plan recommendations from current infrastructure to desired state
  • Knowledge transfer of new systems technology to your staff
  • Options for deployment, planning and execution

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