Disaster Recovery

Plan And Protect.

No one will argue the importance of a solid disaster recovery plan.

The outcome can be catastrophic if you aren’t prepared for an operational outage. A thorough DR plan will mitigate your risks and decrease your organization’s vulnerability. ClearPointe builds plans involving traditional on-premises infrastructure, cloud-based recovery (ASR) or a hybrid version of the two – we listen and decide what the best approach is for your organization according to budget, efficiency goals, and your overall desired infrastructure estate.

Learning Your Business

When approaching any project, ClearPointe always wants to hear from you first. We start with a thorough assessment of how your organization operates and learn your business’ needs and requirements. We discuss your recovery point objectives and the life cycles of your current technology, e.g., using tape, end of life SAN. We will review your current DR procedures and best practices.


Taking A Deeper Look

ClearPointe takes a deeper look at the current state of your infrastructure and systems. We then identify risks and respond to any concerns about your existing recovery plan. This is where our experience not only disaster recovery but in architecture shines. Collectively, we decide if you can leverage your existing investment to create a more suitable solution that adequately addresses your risks and goals. We will explore refresh opportunities and ways to turn CapEx to OpEx by moving portions to the cloud or developing a hybrid solution.

Creating The Plan

Our experts design detailed disaster recovery plans based on using cloud-based technology like ASR, a more traditional route with on-premises hardware or a hybridized approach. As with any DR plan, activation is always the most critical portion of the plan – recovering and consuming the resources. ClearPointe DR plans include cost modeling and failover/failback testing.

Protect To Azure with Azure Site Recovery

Disaster Recovery Powered by Azure Site Recovery

ASR is a cloud based recoverable infrastructure. This option offers you the ability to streamline complex infrastructure to the cloud and to reduce sprawling deployments.

  • Data is encrypted at rest in Azure
  • No charge for ingress data
  • CapEx versus OpEx advantage
  • Single pane of glass management with ARM portal
  • Ability to extensively test servers and applications

ASR can interface with a variety of platforms. This comprehensive approach gives organizations flexibility in the design of their DR plan. ASR supports physical servers (COLO or datacenter) and virtual environments with VM Ware and Hyper-V virtual machines.

ClearPointe’s ASR plan include:

  • Cost modeling with egress charges and activated burn rate
  • Operational procedures for when and how to activate resources
  • Verification of procedures
  • Failover/failback testing


Some organizations are not at the point for a full cloud deployment, and ClearPointe understands that. We also design DR plans that rely on a more traditional approach.

  • Datacenter to datacenter (COLO)
  • Hybridized cloud with traditional replication
  • New datacenter or COLO design

Start your journey today. We are here to help.

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