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ClearPointe has spent years working with and learning about the challenges and situations unique to educational institutions. We have developed specific strategies to help better serve your faculty and students. Thank you for your interest in our exclusive Microsoft offerings for educational institutions.

Student Lifecycle and Success Management

O365 Pro Plus Planning Briefing

This briefing will determine your O365 readiness and suggest the next steps for execution. We understand your commitment is to your students, and because of this focus many institutions are migrating to Office 365 to guarantee students will have access to email from any device, at any time and from any location. ClearPointe has also successfully guided education clients through the process to secure and receive the benefits of Microsoft’s Student Advantage program which provides every student with a full copy of the Microsoft Office suite.

O365 Performance Elevation Analysis

ClearPointe will take a deep dive into your deployment to evaluate your current performance and help synchronize your O365 functionality with our best learned practices. We can advise you on the considerations for AD Premium and how to provide an optimal student experience with features such as self-service password resets. ClearPointe is also on the forefront of integrating Microsoft Teams on to campuses – you can read more about how Teams is transforming educational institutions on our blog here.

O365 Teams Consultation – LIVE DEMO COMING!

ClearPointe offers a consultation on how to maximize your investment in O365 using Teams. ClearPointe can then develop a plan to take your core data and apply to Teams for a full SIS integration with classroom provisioning and scripting assistance. As part of this exclusive offering, ClearPointe is finalizing a live demonstration to show the ease of the integration’s functionality. We are firm believers that this technology truly has the ability to transform educational institutions – we authored a blog that explores the Teams benefits – check it out  here.

O365 Teams Readiness Assessment

ClearPointe will evaluate your current O365 usage, discuss your desired state and make recommendations on how to integrate Teams with your current systems. Data organization and provisioning are crucial processes when successfully integrating Teams, and ClearPointe will take the time to understand your current procedures to best advise how to move forward. Teams is changing the modern classroom and we are thrilled to be a part of this revolution.

Hybrid IT Management

Azure Assessment

A ClearPointe cloud architect will analyze your current environment and determine the readiness of your on-premises servers and application as cloud migration candidates. This analysis provides insight into whether servers are ready to move or if they will require changes to operate as an Azure VM. At the end of this exercise you will know the next steps to take to begin your digital transformation. ClearPointe’s Director of Technical Readiness takes an in-depth look into Azure readiness in a three part video series you can watch here.

Workload Migration

Leveraging the value from your Azure Assessment, ClearPointe’s migration process will map existing on-premises infrastructure and applications to their Azure equivalent. The result of this mapping may be IaaS, PaaS or SaaS workloads. Applications and data will be migrated in a consistent state, brought up for testing prior to cut over and finalized with minimal impact on your institution.

Azure Governance

This service provides a typically overlooked yet critical component to cloud migrations. A governance plan allows your educational institution to apply your security/compliance/regulatory requirements for all infrastructure to the cloud. Having a governance plan in place provides your institution with increased confidence that migrated workloads won’t introduce unnecessary risk or exposure.

Storage/Backup/Disaster Recovery Briefing

A ClearPointe cloud storage and disaster recovery architect will assess your current environment and walk through your various options such as Microsoft Software Defined Storage, Azure backups, DPM, and ASR. We evaluate the pros and cons of each while also examining cost forecasts as well as the impact on your institution to deploy.


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