A revolutionary private cloud solution designed to integrate a level of unparalleled support with unprecedented performance.

A Microsoft Software Defined Storage solution based on Windows Server 2016

A single source for the management and remediation of your highly optimized private cloud.

ClearPointe’s private cloud life cycle management gives us a unique insight into each specific solution and allows us the ability to deliver a holistic approach from design through installation and as you scale to match your demand.

Environments configured to match your workloads with a single contact – an actual name and phone number for someone who understands the complexities of cloud computing. ClearPointe’s Private Cloud Management ensures optimal performance for the life of your solution.

  • 24×7 monitoring by a NOC that is never impacted by turnover, holidays or weather.
  • Constant analysis of your environment for changes in usage patterns and system health.
  • Proactive auditing to predict potential issues.
  • Immediate response and remediation. Strong internal policies and procedures for appropriate issue escalation.


Raid Inc. Ability™ HCI Series powered by Lenovo for Storage Spaces Direct

Performance Scale Units:
1.6 Million IOPS per scale unit
(80/20 Read/Write 4k Random IOs)

300 VM workload = $500 per VM

1.5 TB Total RAM Available

640 Gbps total RDMA network throughput
*1.6 Tbps combined RDMA network throughput using 100Gb NICs

Solution Brief From Our Partner RAID Inc.
Solution Brief From Our Partner Chelsio

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