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ClearPointe is a proud ESC Region 11 approved IT managed services provider.

Creating Clarity Through Technology

We understand the importance of keeping your school’s critical services available and highly functioning at all times.

The ClearPointe Network Operations Center (NOC) is the engine behind our managed services success. We are firm believers in process, best practice methodologies and documentation standards. A NOC is not defined by equipment and systems, but by the experience, expertise and training of the people.

ClearPointe employs the industry’s most prominent engineers giving us the ability to not only detect potential issues in real-time but to also resolve those issues from detection to remediation without escalating or subcontracting  outside of our company.

We provide 24x7x365 support and visibility into the overall health, stability and security of your networking environment. Our U.S. based NOC is always accessible via telephone or email and is not impacted by turnover, holidays or weather conditions. Our onsite support staff is fully integrated with the NOC to ensure smooth transparency between user-reported outages and server-based notifications – ultimately reducing noise and confusion for the clients we support.

Our Onboarding Process

PHASE I – Familiarization and Management Framework Implementation

Based on ITIL Configuration Item (CI) dependencies, ClearPointe will initiate our technical “building block” onboarding process.  This allows ClearPointe to gather basic system details, eliminate assumptions and identify all business critical dependencies.

We will work with your school’s IT staff and stakeholders to ensure all servers and devices are optimized and stable as they are placed into management.  Any concerns noted (or gaps identified) will be addressed during this first phase to establish an appropriate support/management baseline.

PHASE II - Framework Optimization

ClearPointe takes the “building block” details gathered in Phase I and continues to build upon that framework.  Based on the instrumentation completed in Phase I, we will have received an adequate number of data points to begin identifying patterns of concern with the local subscribing school environment.

As these patterns of concern are identified, ClearPointe will work in conjunction with your IT staff to review root cause findings and make adjustments as necessary to optimize the environment.   The end goal is to reduce infrastructure noise while taking formative optimization steps for the local subscribing school environment.

PHASE III – Ongoing Support and “Stoplight” Feedback Loop

In this phase, our focus is on strategic initiatives and core/critical improvements.  After ninety (90) days of formal support, ClearPointe will be able to comment with authority on your infrastructure details.  Our goal is to have achieved full transparency with your school and to be seen as a valuable technology partner in the support process.

As Phase III initiates, our integrated teams will be holding regularly scheduled meetings to review support nuances. A customized reporting package (based on school business requirements) is reviewed as a function of this meeting.

Educational References

Currently, we are working with the following educational institutions and are available to provide reference information at your request.

Arkansas Baptist College

Central Baptist College

Hendrix College

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Philander Smith College

Remington College

Spartan College of Aeronautics

University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas Athletics Department

University of Arkansas System

University of Louisiana at Monroe

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