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The ClearPointe Network Operations Center (NOC) is the engine behind our managed services success.

We are firm believers in process, best practice methodologies and documentation standards.  Keeping your business critical services available is our main concern. Our NOC provides information and the corrective actions necessary to keep all systems operational.

A NOC is not defined by equipment and systems, but by the experience, expertise, and training of the people. ClearPointe employs the industry’s most prominent engineers. This gives us the ability to not only detect potential issues in real-time but to also resolve those issues from detection to remediation without escalating or subcontracting outside our company. Clients have an actual name and number for someone who understands the complexities of their specific solution and the unique conditions of their infrastructure.

With clients around the world, ClearPointe’s organizational structure and internal philosophies give us the agility to execute nimbly and responsively while never diminishing the integrity or commitment of our expertise.

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, ClearPointe’s management services always include:

  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • A NOC that is never impacted by turnover, holidays or weather
  • Constant Analysis
  • Watching your environment for changes in usage patterns and system health.
  • Proactive Auditing
  • Continuous monitoring to predict potential issues
  • Response & Remediation
  • Strong internal policies and procedures for appropriate and immediate issue escalation
Digital Transformation

ClearPointe has the unique capability to offer clients a holistic approach for digital transformations and cloud-based solutions.

Today businesses are faced with a technology landscape that is rapidly changing. The ever-present need to embrace and acknowledge technology as a vital fixture in business strategy is reshaping today’s operational and organizational structures. User experience, a remote workforce and the basic need to adapt are driving this transformation and creating a platform where technology is at the base of all planning and decision making.

As part of our culture, ClearPointe has always worked to fully grasp the ideals and goals of our clients; therefore, being able to create a fully collaborative technology path that aligns with short and long term goals. Today, we are at the forefront of enterprise level digital transformations and have established ourselves as an authority on cloud based solutions.

Whether your desire is to run all or just a portion of your infrastructure in the cloud, we have the expertise to design revolutionary solutions that integrate a level of unparalleled support with unprecedented performance. From design through installation, and beyond to daily maintenance and scalability planning, ClearPointe is able to deliver optimal performance for the life of your solution.

Step I – Design

Discovery – Ascertain your workload requirements. A critical step in ensuring your infrastructure is designed correctly for your workload needs.

Scale Planning – Planning for growth and burstable performance requirements ensures the infrastructure solution meets your requirements throughout its planned life-cycle.

Step II - Deploy

Physical Deployment – Hardware fails; it is a fact of infrastructure. This assumption forces us to design solutions that are both physically resilient and hot-serviceable.

Logical Deployment – Configure, optimize, validate. We ensure that your new infrastructure properly communicates with existing infrastructure, performs and provides proof of concept workload migrations.

Step III – Manage

Proactive Health and Performance Monitoring – Workload and usage patterns can change over time; we ensure your infrastructure’s configuration matches your usage.

Single Point of Escalation – World-class cloud support. One number to call at any time on any day for any problem. Your issue will be resolved.

Additional Services

User Experience Management (UEM)

ClearPointe firmly believes that the ultimate success of any technology solution is the end user’s experience. Application delivery concerns, whether from on-prem hardware, cloud providers and/or hosted service providers, simply do not matter to the end users – you just want it to work. ClearPointe’s UEM takes the standard server/device support model one step further and focuses on managing the actual end user’s experience.

System Optimization

A healthy IT foundation is essential to support your organization’s goals, ensure efficiency and add value to your overall strategic plan. ClearPointe learns your business’s priorities and helps evaluate your current IT structure based on your short and long term goals to determine the correct scalable solutions to maximize system availability, increase performance and reduce risk. Our experts will analyze your environment and make recommendations on improving speed and reliability; increasing infrastructure performance and agility; and streamlining systems and processes.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Data recovery solutions are an essential component of a solid business continuity plan. ClearPointe can help you leverage cloud technologies that will significantly reduce the cost and time to implement a secure, cloud-based storage and recovery solution. Simple, yet effective and affordable.  Cost-effectively storing the data away from your primary location ensures the redundancy needed in a comprehensive backup system and offers you the ability to restore in minutes.